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Thayer Americana has been listed with Dunn & Bradstreet since 1998. Prof. Thayer is available as a consultant and speaker on arms and related historic topics.

Professor Thayer holds a BA from Dartmouth and three degrees from Yale. He taught for 30 years at the University of Pennsylvania, in the Department of Earth & Environmental Science and in the Department of Biology. His research in geology and marine biology spanned the globe, from Arctic to tropics, with diving in the Caribbean, Micronesia, New Zealand, and the Great Barrier Reef. He rowed on the Schuylkill, restored an 18th Century farm in Chester County, and lectured in Penn’s historic preservation program.

Of Mayflower descent, Prof. Thayer imbibed the rich history of New England. He acquired his first folk-art powder horn at age 14, at the urging of his mother, a painter with a BFA from Syracuse. Daughter Heather (Penn BFA) paints in Bar Harbor, ME.

History, like art, is in Prof. Thayer’s genes. Other family members sat on the Boston Massacre jury, marched with Benedict Arnold to Quebec in 1775, founded West Point, and fought on both sides of the Civil War – literally brother against brother.

Prof. Thayer’s articles have appeared in Man at Arms. He is a member of the Kentucky Rifle Association, Armor and Arms Club of New York, Massachusetts Arms Collectors Association, Honorable Company of Horners, New England Historic and Genealogical Society, Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association, Museum of the Fur Trade and Friends of Fort Ticonderoga.

Objects from Prof. Thayer's collection have traveled internationally to museum exhibitions. Some of them may also be viewed in the books Muskets of the Revoution by Bill Ahearn and The American Eagle Pommel Sword by Andrew Mowbray.


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